…no problem, we can help you take your first steps to success.

We provide professional lessons for lap dancing in London once a week with our amazing choreographer, free for all our dancers.

What you will need

Firstly you don’t need to call, just turn up at the following times:

  • Club Euston: 8.30 pm ( Monday to Sunday)
  • Club Soho: 8.00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Both clubs open around 9:00 pm so don’t be late because you will have to come back another day.

You need to have your hair and make-up done before you arrive. Bring a pair of high heel shoes, a G-String and a long dress (below the knee) you can change in our dressing rooms of course.

You will be asked to perform a topless dance on the pole and asked some basic questions about yourself.

Document Info

Make sure you bring proof of identity – a passport or other photo I.D. document should be adequate.

IMPORTANT – if you are from outside the EU/EEC please make sure you have a valid UK working permit and that you can speak English confidently.

NOTE: we only hire people from 20 years old and up.

Thank you, now here’s how to find us